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The Crucial Importance of Regular Eye Checks for Diabetic Retinopathy

November 28th, 2023. Posted by Dr. Shah

In the intricate web of health concerns that accompany diabetes, one often overlooked aspect is the potential impact on vision. Diabetic retinopathy, a condition affecting the eyes, is a serious and potentially sight-threatening complication of diabe...

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Safeguarding Your Vision – The Importance of Eye Safety

June 21st, 2023. Posted by Dr. Shah

Our eyes are not only the windows to the world but also invaluable sensory organs that enable us to navigate and experience the wonders of life. However, in our fast-paced and visually demanding society, eye safety often takes a backseat. It's crucia...

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Eye Care Tips: Destination Spring Break

March 11th, 2022. Posted by Dr. Shah

With Spring Break on the horizon, we want to help you experience the journey with good eyesight to behold, and store, lifelong memories. Here are some tips from our ophthalmologic specialist, to help care for your eye health while traveling and expl...

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20 Dangerous Things That Could Damage Vision

February 16th, 2022. Posted by Dr. Shah

Have you ever wondered what daily activities could impair your vision? The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) gathered a list of the 20 most harmful activities for our eyes. These are presented below. Smoking There are many eye diseases rela...

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Beach Eye- Covid-19 and Your Eyes

January 24th, 2022. Posted by Dr. Shah

The most common effects of COVID on the eyes were revealed by an analysis of 121 patients dating back to the beginning of the pandemic. Researchers conclude that COVID may not cause eye problems in most people. It is important to note that these prob...

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Why Eye Screening is Important for School-Age Children

April 4th, 2016. Posted by Dr. Shah

From the time that we are born, our eyesight slowly develops until adulthood. Babies and children, for instance, do not have fully formed vision centers in their brains yet. Good nutrition, regular visits to a health care practitioner and healthy hab...

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Who Does Your Child See First?

Knowledge is Power – A Child’s First Eye Exam

January 3rd, 2016. Posted by Dr. Shah

As every parent knows, there is a seemingly never ending list of "first" experiences with your child. The vast majority of them are fun and enjoyable as your child discovers the world around them and develops their own personality and likes, etc. Bu...

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Signs You Need an Eye Exam

August 20th, 2015. Posted by Dr. Shah

Headaches:While staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time can cause headaches, loss of vision can also do the same. Trying to hard to concentrate and see will often result in a headache. Getting tired easily: If you begin to ...

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