Eye Care Tips: Destination Spring Break

March 11, 2022

With Spring Break on the horizon, we want to help you experience the journey with good eyesight to behold, and store, lifelong memories. Here are some tips from our ophthalmologic specialist, to help care for your eye health while traveling and exploring Huntington Beach, Irvine, Orange County, Long Beach, LA, and beyond!

1. Remember your routine eye care check before traveling
It is generally advised that you check your eyes every 2 years. However, if you have specific eye problems then it is always a good idea to fit in a check-up and stock up on extra eye care supplies (even consider renewing your contact lenses) before you set off to destination relaxation.

2. Pack for good eye care
You may have packed your facewash, toothpaste, and toothbrush, BUT, did you remember to also pack allergy-specific eye drops, sterile eyewash, good sunglasses (a pair that is 100% UV resistant), goggles for swimming, and your sleep mask. These are important items to keep in mind when packing for your travels this Spring break.

3. Don’t forget to pack backup spectacles or contact lenses
If you wear spectacles or contact lenses then it is so easy to forget to pack backup pairs while you rush out the door with good sight. It is always a good idea to also have your prescription spectacles handy if you wear contact lenses all day, and for those who only wear spectacles, there is nothing worse than breaking a lens and not having a backup pair while on holiday. So, past that note on the door – “Did I pack my backup spectacles?”.

4. Know where the nearest ophthalmology practice is
While on vacation, it is important to not delay any eye care treatment needs. What may seem like nothing major today, could become a complicated medical emergency. So, if you experience unusual symptoms such as floaters, flashes, or blurred vision, it is recommended that you don’t wait and see a local specialist. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has a search engine with a list of all members internationally that can be helpful when looking for an ophthalmologist away from home.

Remove your contact lenses while flying or swimming
The air on planes is dry and stale, this can cause serious discomfort if you wear contact lenses, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. Best to remove them and rest your eyes. And, once you reach your destination and want to take that long awaiting dive into the pool or ocean, then best to take your contact lenses out. This will decrease the risk of irritation or infection from fungi or bacteria.

Now that we have covered your eye care tips for your Spring break travels, have fun and remember to make memorable memories and capture them to look back on with healthy vision. Contact our Huntington Beach office should you need to schedule an eye care appointment before you set off on your holiday travels.





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