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Latisse® for Eyelash Growth

Lush lashes are an indisputably alluring feature. When thick and prominent, they can draw attention to the eyes, dramatically complementing them. When sparse or thin, they can be a source of insecurity, even distress. Fortunately, for those looking to restore growth or enhance their lashes, there is a solution. A prescription topical treatment, Latisse®, promotes eyelash growth and is FDA-approved. Our cosmetic eye doctor often sees patients who want thicker eyelashes and are good candidates for Latisse.

What Causes Thin Eyelashes?

Inadequate or thinning lashes can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Your age. Wrinkles and other hair loss are not the only signs of aging. As we grow older, we may see fewer lashes gracing our eyes. In women, the hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause can lead to the destruction of hair follicles, resulting in thinning lashes.
  • Skin conditions. Dermatologic conditions such as eczema can cause the skin to itch. Excessively rubbing or scratching the eyes may prompt eyelashes to fall out.
  • The improper care of your lashes. Using harsh cosmetic products or scrubbing the eyes while cleansing the face can impede eyelash growth.
  • Certain medications. Unfortunately, hair loss can be a side effect of certain medications, which means eyelashes may become thinner.
  • An underlying medical condition. Eyelash loss can be a sign of systemic and endocrine disorders, such as hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disorders or another serious disease. Any suspicious hair loss should be evaluated.

Eyelash Growth with Latisse®

When applied daily, Latisse® makes lashes fuller and longer. Its active ingredient, Bimatoprost, stimulates eyelash growth, improving both the quantity and quality of the lashes. Researchers believe that Bimatoprost extends the length of the anagen, or growth, phase. This results in a longer growing period.

Latisse® is a concentrated liquid that is easy to apply. Using an applicator, Latisse® should be gently spread along the base of the upper eyelashes. Only a drop of the solution is needed per application. With consistent use, most people will see noticeable results within a month and full growth after three months. In order to maintain results, Latisse® use should be continued.

There are few side effects associated with Latisse® treatment, the most common being itchiness and redness of the eyes. In some cases, Latisse® may darken the eyelid skin, although this type of pigmentation may be reversible.

Your Latisse® Consultation at Beach Eye Medical Group

Like the hair on your head, eyelashes have a natural growth cycle; it is normal to lose an eyelash or two over time. But if your eyelashes are falling out at an unusual rate, it is best to see one of our eye doctors to determine the cause and rule out any underlying medical condition.

Although Latisse® is a safe treatment, it is not appropriate for everybody. If you have certain allergies, medical conditions or a history of eye problems such as conjunctivitis, you may not be an ideal candidate for Latisse®.

If your lashes are thinning and you would like to know if Latisse® can help you achieve longer and darker lashes, contact Beach Eye Medical Group by email or call (714) 765-9696 to schedule your appointment.