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Your eyesight allows you to experience personal fulfillment and a sense of connection with the people, and environment around you. Your vision is a crucial part of your integrated sensory experiences, and our passion drives our commitment to helping you maintain your connection through the best eye care.

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18582 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone Number: 714-965-9696

Fax: 714-965-9797

Hours of Operation

Monday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Closed for Major holidays and weekends.

Directions & Parking

Patients can visit us directly across the street from Five Points Plaza, in Huntington Beach. We offer free parking and easy to access 1st-floor entry. Come visit us today!

Areas Served

Beach Eye Medical Group continues to provide specialized eye care to patients throughout Orange County, Huntington Beach, and Southern California.

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

The doctors and support staff at Beach Eye Medical Group make me feel that they have my best interest at heart. At other medical groups I feel as though the medical staff and their support staff can't wait to get me out the door, the Beach Eye team makes me feel that they are glad to see me. These medical professionals can't wait to share their latest knowledge and technology to improve my vision!

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

Waited only 5 mins to meet nurse, who gave me a peripheral vision test, waited about 15 mins to see Dr Do, who checked internal and retina area. I received an evaluation of my pre-glaucoma condition, retina compromise, and possibility of cataract surgery immediately after exam. Appreciate not having to surf a website to search for results of my ophthalmology exam.

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

Very satisfactory visit and consultation. I experienced clarification on my glaucoma situation and treatment. I was sent to UCI for consultation with an expert Opthalmologist, Dr. Sameh Mosaed and returned to Dr Kevin Jwo who discussed my case. I am most satisfied by his professional approach and care. It is wonderful to receive the very best care possible. I am so thankful.

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

I recently saw Dr. Do (for the first time) and she explained my condition & treatment thoroughly & with compassion. Three years ago, Dr. Shah performed cataract surgery on both my eyes & I no longer needed prescription lenses, which amazed me. I wouldn't go anywhere else for eyesight-related treatment.

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

My doctor, Dr. Liu is great! The one less star is due to my experience dealing with the office, whether the front desk or/and follow up with my appointment, it was not satisfactory… e.g. I left vmail and it was never returned! And it happened not once!

Google Reviews - Beach Eye Medical Group

400 reviews

Blessed to have the excellent care of Dr. Jwo and the Beach Eye Medical Staff. My cataract & glaucoma surgery brought me back to clear & crisp uncorrected 20-20 vision. I'm now starting to wein off the glaucoma eye drops. I've been very please with the care & service I've received from Dr. Jwo & the Beach Eye Medical Irvine team!

Providers at Beach Eye Medical Group - Huntington Beach

Kevin Jwo

Kevin Jwo, MD
Glaucoma & Cataract Surgery
Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Anna Do, MD

Anna Do, MD
Glaucoma & Cataract Surgery
Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Tae S. Kim

Tae S. Kim, MD
Glaucoma Surgeon

Khalil Semaan

Khalil Semaan, OD

Cleve S. MacKenzie

Cleve S. MacKenzie, MD, Emeritus
Comprehensive Ophthalmology

DruAnn J. McCluskey

DruAnn J. McCluskey, MD, Emeritus
Cornea & Glaucoma Disease, Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Helen Le, OD

Helen Le, OD

Services Offered in Huntington Beach

We invite you to contact us and connect with our board-certified physicians who specialize in all areas of ophthalmology, including:

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    100+ Years Of Combined Ophthalmology Specialist Experience

    With more than a century’s experience in combined specialized eye care, our Huntington office has been providing exceptional services for more than 40-years. You can be assured of excellent service.

    We Care For Other Physicians Too

    Many of our patients include physicians who rely on their eyesight to care for their patients. Your vision is important to us, schedule your appointment to consult with the best ophthalmology surgeons in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas.

    Individualized Patient-Centered Eye Care

    Our focus is on quality of care, not quantity. We do not count the number of patients that walk through our doors, but the number of patients who leave our facility looking forward to a better quality of life thanks to improved vision.

    Do not delay your eye care for a better tomorrow. Instead schedule your appointment today, for a brighter, and clearer tomorrow: 714-965-9696



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