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Healthy Vision Month: Nurturing Your Eyes for a Lifetime of Clear Sight

May 9, 2023

May is Healthy Vision Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of maintaining good eye health and encouraging individuals to take proactive steps in preserving their vision. Our eyes are precious organs that enable us to perc...

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Mental Health & Vision

April 5, 2023

April is Mental Health Awareness Month so we decided to explore the link between you mental health & your vision. There is evidence to suggest that there may be a link between mental health and vision. While the exact nature of this link is not fully...

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The Impact of Weather on Your Eyes

March 15, 2023

Weather can have various effects on your eyes, as the environment around you can impact the health and comfort of your eyes. Here are some ways weather can affect your eyes: Dryness: In dry weather conditions, such as during winter or in arid clim...

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Low Vision Tips

Low Vision Tips and Support | Low Vision Awareness Month

February 27, 2023

Low Vision Awareness Month is an opportunity to highlight the challenges and difficulties encountered by individuals with low vision, a visual impairment that cannot be fully corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Here are our tips to h...

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Your Eyes: The Window to Your Heart

January 17, 2023

Signs of Early Heart Disease Can an eye exam detect heart problems? An eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist may not specifically detect heart issues. However, during the exam, the eye doctor may notice signs of certain eye conditions that...

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Choosing Gifts That are Safe for Your Children’s Vision

November 29, 2022

Every year Christmas is full of illusion, especially on the part of children who long to receive the expected gifts from the hand of the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus. Many today already have a long list of toys ready, but are they all safe? The C...

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Decorative Contact Lenses Can Be Dangerous without a Prescription

October 26, 2022

Halloween is just around the corner bringing with it scary costumes and disguises! A very popular Halloween accessory are colored or designer contact lenses for people who want to change the color of their eyes. But especially for Halloween there is ...

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Can Monkeypox Cause Conjunctivitis?

September 30, 2022

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, up to 30% of monkeypox cases presented pink eye or conjunctivitis, although in the 2022 outbreak this proportion has been significantly reduced. Only in very specific cases do more serious compli...

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Why Do Athletes Use Eye Black?

August 9, 2022

When we watch a sports match, it is common to see the athletes with a black, horizontal line painted underneath each of their eyes. Many of us have grown up seeing players with these stripes but have not questioned their significance in the game or w...

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How To Support Healthy Eye Development

July 25, 2022

Few people bother about the importance of supporting healthy eye development unless they are diagnosed with an eye disease or visual development delay at a very young age. Here at Beach Eye Medical Group, we are passionate about supporting healthy vi...

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