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    I had a great experience with Beach Eye Medical Group. I had been recently diagnosed with early stages of cataracts, and was referred to this group by my Primary Care Physician. I fully expected a surgery pitch for lasik, however; much to my surprise, Dr. Shah said that; yes, I do have early stage cataracts, but they are not the reason that my vision has deteriorated rapidly that is because my eyes are extremely dry. He asked if I had any environmental changes over the last 1.5 years (when they went from bad to worse quickly) and I couldn’t think of anything. He then asked if I had changed jobs, which I had. He asked if I sit and stare at a computer all day, which I do… He asked if the office was cold. It is. He told me to use artificial tears, run a humidifier, and take omega 3s, and he’d see me in 4-6 weeks. If that didn’t work, he’d do a very simple procedure to plug a tear duct, and so on. He also explained that clearing up my dry eyes, would likely require a different prescription and that basically I’m looking at the world through smudged glasses.

    I’ve already gone back down from a 3.75 reader to a 2.25.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


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