As the body ages, the skin loses elasticity and structure–and the eye area is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. This is because the skin around the eye is thinner than in other areas, making it more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation and other aging factors. When the delicate skin around the eye area becomes less resilient, the upper eyelids can begin to sag and the lower lids can contract. In addition, excess fatty tissue can contribute to puffiness.

Improving Droopy Eyelids with Blepharoplasty

For those who wish to improve droopy eyelids1, our oculoplastic surgeon performs blepharoplasty to address aging eyes. Many patients opt for eyelid surgery to diminish puffiness, tighten sagging skin, and eliminate excess skin around the eyes. Our specialist is extensively trained and skilled in advanced surgical techniques, ensuring a natural outcome.

Often performed for aesthetic purposes, a blepharoplasty may be done for functional reasons as well. Droopy eyelids can often disrupt vision. Eyelid surgery can reduce excess skin and restore vision.

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery at Beach Eye, Irvine

A blepharoplasty2 is an outpatient surgery performed in our new state-of-the-art surgical facility in BeachIrvine, California. Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid. A lower blepharoplasty addresses puffiness, which is typically caused by excess fat and water retention in the lower lid region. An upper blepharoplasty3 is designed to lift and tighten the upper eyelids. In both cases, the incisions are made in the natural folds and crease lines of the eyelids, minimizing the chance of scarring. After making the incisions, our specialist surgeon will tighten the underlying eyelid muscles and remove any excess skin and fatty tissue. The result is a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

During the first 48 hours following the surgery, patients will experience swelling and bruising and may note some tightness in the eye area. Sensitivity to light is also a common temporary side effect. These post-surgical symptoms generally subside within 7 to 10 days.

Woman's eyes, before and after Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery treatment, front view, patient 2

Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation

During your consultation at our Irvine location, our expert eye doctors will determine the best treatment for you. The extent of repair will depend on the overall condition of the skin, as well as other factors or symptoms that may accompany droopy eyelids. Our experienced cosmetic eye surgeon treats all oculoplastic conditions, including scarred eyelids, blocked tear ducts, entropion and ectropion, and tumors. To learn more about blepharoplasty and how it rejuvenates your appearance, contact Beach Eye Medical Center at (714) 965-9696 to schedule your appointment.

Blepharoplasty FAQ

Will there be scars as a result of my blepharoplasty?

Our Irvine surgeon strives to minimize any potential scarring during eyelid surgery. To achieve this, incisions for upper eyelid surgery are placed along the natural crease of the upper lid. For lower eyelid surgery, the incision is created either inside the lower eyelid or just below the lash line. By placing incisions in areas that are naturally concealed by the eye, surgical scars are rarely visible to the naked eye after healing has occurred.

Is eyelid surgery painful?

The majority of our Irvine patients report only minimal pain or discomfort after eyelid surgery. Any discomfort that is felt tends to dissipate within 1 – 2 days of surgery.

How long does it take to recover from blepharoplasty?

In general, you can expect to be mostly recovered from surgery within 2 weeks. You’ll be able to return home immediately after surgery and should expect mild discomfort for up to 3 days, which may or may not require medication. When only skin is removed, swelling and bruising are mostly resolved within 5 days. When skin and fat are removed, most swelling and bruising will resolve within 1 – 2 weeks. Most of our eyelid surgery patients return to work within 5 days, using makeup to conceal any lingering bruising. The final result of your blepharoplasty will be seen after about 2 months after all swelling has resolved.

Is eyelid surgery considered “cosmetic surgery”?

Many people undergo upper or lower blepharoplasty to improve their appearance, but eyelid surgery is not only performed for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, you may find that drooping upper or lower eyelids are interfering with your vision or causing you to have very dry eyes. In these cases, the surgery would be needed for medical reasons, rather than cosmetic.

Will my health insurance company cover the cost of my blepharoplasty?

Whether your insurance company covers the cost of eyelid surgery depends on the reasons why you need to have the surgery performed. If you wish to have upper or lower blepharoplasty for simply cosmetic reasons – to rejuvenate your appearance and give you a more youthful look – then your insurance company is not likely to cover the procedure. However, if you require the surgery because you are having difficulty seeing due to droopy or hooded eyelids, then the cost of the surgery may be covered. Our team has extensive experience helping patients from Irvine and surrounding areas determine what their insurance companies will cover. If you are interested in eyelid surgery, we can help you determine your eligibility.

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