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“Being a doctor, I’ve had a chance to meet and interact with many other physicians. So when it came to doing surgery on my eyes, I wanted the best. I asked colleagues and got a few different opinions. Ultimately, I went with someone I felt comfortable with. He isn’t pushy and just educates you as to your options. I signed up for the CLEAR Upgrade and got the Crystalens in both eyes and I have had tremendous success. I can see it all…without glasses. I am thrilled! I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to my colleagues, friends, family, and anyone reading this. You won’t be disappointed.”

Cyrus A., MD (Radiologist)

“I’m retired now and read a lot. Reading was getting difficult for me. I was seen by Dr. Shah in consultation and immediately felt like this is the guy to go to. He has a wonderful bedside manner, is patient, answers your questions, and doesn’t make you feel rushed. There are many different options that you can get with cataract surgery these days. I went with the standard option. My vision is great. What a wonderful experience!”

Karen D., MD (Psychiatrist)

“My daughter is an optometrist. When it was time to have surgery, I asked her where I should go. She told me to not think twice and see Dr. Shah. I am glad I did. My cataract surgery took place at a surgery center on the bay! That was therapeutic by itself. Even better than that is the excellent vision I now have, I cannot thank Dr. Shah enough. God Bless!”

Miriam K., (Mother of Optometrist)

“Go see everyone else you can, and then come here last. Then you will realize how lucky you are to have ended up here. Dr. Shah is the best. I got the multifocal lens in each eye and now I don’t need glasses at all. Going from a -9.00 prescription to nothing…very impressed and grateful!”

Elgin D., MD (Retired, General Surgeon)

“I went to one place that tried to sell me on extra services and stuff for cataract surgery. Then I got a second opinion with Dr. Shah. He was calm, thorough, and very informative. I signed up for the extra services because I wanted the best vision, not because I wanted to be sold on the product. I’m glad I did it. I had a high amount of astigmatism. I got a toric lens and now my astigmatism is gone. Don’t know what else to write here but this doctor gets results. See him and let him do what he does best.”

Connor A., MD (Retired, Family Practice)

“I only have one good eye. I lost other eye to some developmental problems that weren’t treated when I was growing up. I really didn’t want to do surgery on my only good eye but it was getting hard to see with the cataract. I lost driver’s license. I had seen some doctors that told me to leave it alone because my cataract was advanced and it was my only good eye. Then I saw Dr. Shah. He did a cataract procedure on me that most other doctors weren’t willing to do. I’m driving again and I can see my grandkids faces clearly. I can’t quantify what that is worth, but I do know I will be grateful for rest of my life! Thank you.”

Secundo A., (Father of Optometrist)

“I have been seeing my optometrist for 20 years. When it came time for cataract surgery, he said to go see Dr. Shah. When he told me about Dr. Shah he said ‘Dr. Shah has golden hands.’ He was right. I got the upgraded procedure in both eyes and I can see everything so clearly. The result is golden!”

Milton L., MD (Retired, Internal Medicine)

“All my life I’ve been wearing glasses and prescribing glasses. The option to get out of them was very appealing. Dr. Shah did the job! I went from +3.50 to no glasses for distance or near with the multifocal lens. Impressed is an understatement!”

Les M., (Optometrist)

“There are so many doctors around here so it’s tough to figure out who to go to since eye surgery is not something that you regularly need. My insurance company recommended Dr. Shah and so I went to see him. Never thought I would thank my insurance company, but thanks! I am a loyal believer in this young doc’s talents and skills. Cataract surgery was a breeze and I don’t think I’ve see this good ever in my life.”

Thomas B. (Retired, Chiropractor)

“Being a doctor, I am very picky when it comes to seeing a doc. I researched Dr. Shah before going to see him. He is top-notch. Training is exceptional and he is very skilled. Great sense of humor and puts you at ease. Confident in his work and can deliver results. Because of my great results with the custom cataract surgery, my wife also went to see him with great results. Great docs are hard to come by, but if you’re reading this, you’ve found him!”

Edward D. (Retired, OB/Gyn)

“From the beginning, I was impressed with Dr. Shah. His compassionate and professional approach to my care confirmed that I made the right choice. He explained each available surgical procedure and educated me to the pros and cons of each option. Because of this, I had the knowledge to make best decision for my circumstance.

During the actual procedure, I was quite anxious regarding what would happen. But Dr. Shah’s staff was incredible in calming my nerves. Dr. Shah himself showed a relaxed sense of humor and informed me on what was happening during each step of my surgery. His previous vast experience in performing laser vision correction was evident in the efficient method in which he operated.

I feel that that choosing the right physician can mean the difference between surgical success and failure. I’m happy that I chose Dr. Shah and am confident you’ll feel the same way. One glance at his background, training, and achievements, and you will realize there is no one more qualified to perform your surgery! Look no further, this is THE doctor to see to help you see!”

Dr. S.W. – Ph.D. in Physical Therapy

“I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 20 years. The thought of having LASIK has been in the back of my mind for a number of years but I was nervous about having eye surgery! Finally, I decided to at least consider the possibility.

Being a physician myself, I did a lot of research on the procedure. I found many ‘discount’ laser centers, but I wanted to go to the best doctor for my eyes. Dr. Shah far exceeded all of my expectations. He is trained at Johns Hopkins and has specialized in laser vision correction surgery.

After my initial consultation with Dr. Shah, I knew that I had come to the right place. He and his staff were extremely courteous and thorough. He performed an extensive evaluation to determine if I would be a good candidate for the surgery. He explained the procedure in detail and answered all of my questions. The actual surgery was quick and painless. Dr. Shah was calm and told me what he was doing and what I should expect step by step.

The surgery went perfectly! I am now seeing better than 20/20 and am extremely satisfied with the care that I received. I only wish I had seen Dr. Shah sooner!”

Dr. P.G. – Allergist/Immunologist

“Before my surgery, I could see very little out of my right eye. After the surgery, I was back to 20/20 and no longer needed reading glasses for ordinary tasks. I could hardly stop smiling! I have a new driver’s license with no restrictions. Thank you to the cheerful, professional staff and to Dr. Shah who is a wonder!”

C.W. – Retired Teacher

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