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General Eye Care in the News: Breakthrough in AMD Treatment Announced

Age-related macular degeneration is one health problem that many seniors fear and with good reason. It robs individuals of their ability to see properly. At least that was the case until now. We’ve been following general eye care news and are happy to say that a breakthrough has been made. It appears that designers have found a way to improve AMD sufferers’ vision without surgical intervention. It comes in the form of a very special contact lens, which isn’t on the market just yet.

What makes this contact lens stand out above the rest is its built-in, reflective telescope. Yes, we said a telescope, but rest assured it looks nothing like the ones scientists use to view the stars. This one is so small, it’s virtually undetectable to people who may be staring someone directly into the eyes. Plus, it isn’t operated by hand. People use the power of their peepers instead. All that’s required to zoom in or zoom away from an object is a wink of the left or right eye.

Despite being groundbreaking, there are still some kinks with the lens though. That’s why we won’t be seeing it available through optical boutiques in Huntington Beach, California, for quite some time. Nonetheless, we wanted to pass along the news and mention that there are other AMD treatments available to our clients in the meantime. Among them are low-vision aids, specialty lighting and other devices which our physicians can discuss with interested clients.

In addition, our general eye care practitioners are capable of confirming whether or not a person has AMD. Confirmation is typically achieved through the use of in-depth eye exams and specialized equipment, like cameras and lasers. They are typically used during fluorescein angiographies. They produce highly detailed images of the eye, which are used to make a wide variety of diagnoses. To learn more and stay on top of general eye care trends, please contact us at Beach Eye Medical Group.

Written by Dr. Shah

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