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Our Surgery Center

Written by Dr. Shah

Newport Bay Surgery Center logo

The vast majority of our surgeries are performed at the Newport Bay Surgery Center, which is dedicated to eye care. The center is committed to the pursuit of excellence through integrity, teamwork, and personalized service to patients, each other, and the community. The location on the seawall at Harbor Marina provides a uniquely beautiful and tranquil setting. Newly opened in 2007, Newport Bay Surgery Center (NBSC) is a physician-owned outpatient surgery center dedicated solely to eye surgery. NBSC is Medicare certified and HFAP accredited as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). NBSC draws ophthalmic surgeons from Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Fountain Valley area.

With technological advances in microsurgery evolving faster than ever, modern eye surgery requires specialized equipment, nursing, and anesthesia staff. Newport Bay Surgery Center has been developed by surgeons who share the vision of an outpatient ophthalmic surgical center of excellence. The result is a modern ambulatory surgery center specializing in serving the unique needs of eye surgical patients.

The facility has met accreditation standards for the Health Facilities Accreditation Association (HFAP) and is certified by Medicare. The accreditation process sets standards for practices of patient care, safety, quality improvement, administrative involvement, medical record maintenance and professional development of the staff. This process continually challenges the center to seek better and innovative ways to provide the best quality of patient care.

The Newport Bay Surgery Center is based on certain core beliefs:

  • The patient’s family and friends provide important support and are encouraged to be as involved as possible in the care of their loved ones.
  • Patients have a right to honest and forthright medical information presented in a manner they can understand.
  • A calm, caring and cheerful environment minimizes patient stress.
  • All actions should be guided by integrity, honesty and compassion.
  • True success comes from doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • Efficient, quality eye care is provided best by professionals practicing at the highest level of their expertise.

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