Winter Eye Health Tips

December 11th, 2017. Posted by Dr. Shah

It’s that time again when the trees have dropped their leaves and the cold air moves in. We all know the harsh winter can be particularly difficult to bear for those who suffer from dry or itchy eyes. Cold and even snowy days can bring additional problems that affect your vision negatively, making your eyes very irritable and uncomfortable even though they were fine during the rest of the year.

Luckily there are many simple techniques that can be applied to effectively relieve dry eyes and keep your eyesight clear, healthy and pain-freed during the winter months. Make sure to check out these dry eye tips to help keep your eyes healthy and happy during the cold, dry winter season.

Keep the moisture in, not out.

Dry air is just a natural side effect of the winter. It makes it difficult for our eyes to produce the tears they need to stay moist and lubricated. There is an easy way however to fight against this by using simple rewetting drops for your eyes. You simply use them when your eyes feel like they’re getting dry. They can easily be purchased at almost any convenience store. You may also speak to your eye doctor to find out where to get them or have them write you a prescription if you feel that the dryness is persistent and very painful.

Keep yourself away from the heat.

It’s cold out so now actually you’re going to have your heat on during the winter and heat can cause dry eyes as well. Thankfully simple lifestyle changes such as sitting further away from heaters are Rady Ater’s can make a big difference for your dry eyes. You can also find yourself humidifier which will help keep moisture in the air and control the air flow in room to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and happy.

Put down those cell phones and tablets.

Many folks spend practically their entire day staring at a computer screen or their phone. And now that it’s winter you’re probably going to head inside to keep warm and spend even more time gazing at your electronics devices longer than normal. So you may be keeping warm but let us tell you looking at these electronics for extended periods causes you to blink less which keeps your eyes from producing the tears they need to prevent pain and redness. Always use the 20 2020 rule. This works by finding something at 20 feet away and looking away from your electronic devices every 20 minutes at it for at least 20 seconds. This will help reduce eyestrain caused by your dad caused by your digital devices and will help keep your eye sight from getting worse.

Sunglasses are a must.

Every winter seems like the sun disappears however its UV does not. When you go to the beach you always wear your sunglasses to keep those nasty UV rays from harming your eyes so why not in the winter when the sun’s rays are being reflected from the snow lying on the ground. This actually makes it even more important to keep your eyes protected in the winter. Always be mindful to wear sunglasses whenever you are outside or driving for more than a period of 15 minutes; especially on bright sunny days. You can always put on a hat with a brim to also help combat the harmful effects the sun ha on your eyes.

You are what you eat.

Your eyes are still a part of your body and just as your body feels better when you put the proper fuel into it your eyes feel and function better when you feed your body. Healthy eating will not improve your eyesight but can help them from feeling dry or achy. Making sure you drink plenty of water and hydrating yourself also helps keep moisture in your eyes. Mega three fatty acids in your diet will also help maintain and improve your eyes function.

Give them a little TLC when they’re in pain.

If your eyes are bugging you after a long day of at staring at the computer screen, or working long hours don’t sit there and rub them to try make them better. Take a warm damp cloth and place it over your eyes for at least 15 minutes for quick easy relief. However if you experience chronic eye pain regularly you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor so they can assess and treat your eyes individual needs.

Get yourself some goggles.

If you are outside a lot in the winter months especially for winter sports, the wind at high-speed‘s, can really irritate and take the moisture from your eyes. Your vision can become blurry and even leave them susceptible to dirt and other debris. Make sure that when you go goggle shopping you find a pair that will cover both your eyes and actually have built in UV protection.

If your eyes remain irritable and in pain during the winter months it’s always best to see an eye doctor. We can make sure that you are treated properly. If you ever have any questions or need advice on the best way to help protect your eyes this winter please come see us. We are more than happy to see you and provide the correct and best treatment that is possible for you.



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