Eye Changes During Pregnancy

November 27th, 2017. Posted by Dr. Shah

While you are pregnant your body will go through many different changes very quickly as the new life is developing inside you. You will notice many different changes from flattening feet, ligament pains, swollen ankles and many other things. Most women however don’t realize that their eyes will also be affected by this new life developing inside them. It’s funny but the reason for this is actually the same reason many women have complaints during pregnancy. Complaints such as increased blood volume, fluid retention, and the fluctuation of hormones. All those things we just mentioned are the primary factors for most of the body’s changes during pregnancy. Most of these things however will return back to normal after the baby is born.

A important thing for women to know is that their vision may change during pregnancy. These vision changes however are typically temporary and will resolve themselves after the child is born. Women often worry if they will need a new eyeglass prescription after noticing a change in their vision. Typically this is not the case. One thing to take note of is that you should never have LASIK during or shortly after being pregnant.

Dry eye is actually the most common change to a woman’s eyesight while she’s pregnant. As a result of the changing hormone levels the eye maybe come dry. Make sure to schedule an appointment with Beach Eye Medical Group If you experience any dry eye discomfort during your pregnancy. We can recommend and prescribe safe to use eye drops during your pregnancy. Also wearing contact lenses may also become very uncomfortable while you’re pregnant and many women find it much more practical and comforting to just wear their eyeglasses.

The effects of dry eye while being pregnant may also be reduced by consuming certain foods and vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods such as flaxseed, fish and walnuts can also help keep dry under control. Make note however that certain types of fish should be limited while you’re pregnant because of the high levels of mercury. Make sure to speak with your OB and your ophthalmologist or optometrist concerning the treatment and symptoms of dry eye and the proper procedures for keeping your eyes healthy throughout your pregnancy.

If your vision where to change rapidly or become extremely blurry while you’re pregnant it may be an indication of high blood pressure or even gestational diabetes. If you experience any of these symptoms make sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Just like you would contact your primary physician about anything that concerned you regarding your body during pregnancy, you should also make sure to contact your eye care professional if you were concerned about the health of your eyes while your pregnant. Make sure, for the sake of yourself and your baby that you listen to what your body is trying to tell you throughout your entire pregnancy.



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