What You Can Do To Relieve Red, Irritated, Blurry Swimmers Eyes

July 17, 2018

Many of us enjoy the fun Summer months, especially the opportunity to go swimming but all that swimming can also leave you with red blurry eyes. All you need to know are a few basic things like how the swimming pool water actually affects your eye’s health which could stop your irritated swimmer’s eyes from ever happening in the first place..

Ever wondered if either chlorine or saltwater is actually safer for your eyes?

Chlorine treated swimming pools are normally safe and free of bacteria. Organic matter is mixed with Chlorine and destroys unsafe bacteria. The major problem with chlorine however is that it creates compounds made up of harsh chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin.

Saltwater works pretty much the same way to treat and sanitize pools. Salt keeps the pool clean rather than by actually breaking down into chlorine which is a byproduct of the salt. Very little amounts of chlorine are present in pools sanitized with saltwater.Generally saltwater pools are regarded as safer and more gentle to your skin and eyes.

Swimming in saltwater treated pools is a much more natural, safer effect on your skin, hair, and your eyes. Irritated eyes are typically reduced swimming in saltwater. Remember that pools treated with chlorine are safe but just may cause more irritation than in some people.

Is Swimming In Contacts Recommended?
Wearing goggles when wearing contact lenses is always recommended when swimming with your eyes open in pool water. Chlorinated water may damage your contact lenses. Chlorine may change the shape, rip, fold the contact lenses in your eye. It is also possible for the lenses to get flushed out of your eyes which making it not only difficult to see but costly as well. Bacteria may also contaminate your contact lenses which could cause eye infections as well.

What Causes Your Eyes To Turn Red?
When blood vessels at the surface of your eyes become enlarged and dilated red eyes will occur. Exposure to chemicals and other irritants could irritate your eyes. If you’re susceptible to getting red eyes from swimming, then goggles are always recommended to be worn while in the pool.

How Can You Get Relief For Your Red Swollen Eyes?
After spending the day at pool and your vision becomes foggy and blurry make sure and rinse out your eyes with a cool eye wash or even saline eye drops. Either of these remedies provide quick relief. Make sure to keep them with you on your trips to the pool or while enjoying the on in your backyard.

If your eyes are irritated, itchy and red even if you haven’t been swimming, you could have pink eye. Make sure to visit your eye care professional to see if your symptoms match those of the highly contagious infection.




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