The Importance Of Sports Eye Safety

September 29, 2018

When we are playing sports we typically try to protect our legs, arms, fingers, and many other parts of our body from being harmed. While all of those parts of our body are definitely important, it’s even more important to make sure our eyes are protected. Many sports actually mandate the wearing of protective eye-wear, but even for those sports that don’t we should still recognize when and how we should be keeping our eyes safe. The Orange County eye-care specialists at Beach Eye have a few tips regarding sports and eye safety.

Why Does Protecting Your Eyes Even Matter?
One of the leading causes of children’s blindness is eye injuries. Most of these injuries are caused during sports. what makes it even more problematic, is that according to the National Eye Institute up to as many as 90% of sports-related eye injuries may have been prevented if the children were just wearing protective eye-wear. So let’s take a moment now to examine the different types of protective eye-wear there is for different sports.

Choosing The Right Sport Protective Eye-wear
Depending on the sport you’re playing, different protection may benefit your eyes. Certain sports don’t require eye protection, but it’s still a good idea to protect your eyes. High risk sports that require eye safety, include: archery, football, lacrosse, swimming, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. It’s easy to find specialized face masks and goggles that are meant to protect your eyes, along with other safety equipment designed to prevent eye-related injuries while having fun.

For popular sports such as basketball, baseball, biking and tennis, the best eye-wear option is polycarbonate goggles. These fit snugly over glasses and offer stronger protection than traditional plastic shades. This means they’re resistant to shattering when hit with blunt force, or sudden impact with foreign objects. Another key benefit to polycarbonate goggles is their ability to be matched with your prescription, so you don’t have to wear contacts or glasses along with safety goggles.

When it comes to water sports or surfing, traditional eye protection can become dangerous. An accidental elbow to the face, or a rough wave can shove a pair of goggles into the eyes and risk further damage. So, it’s probably much safer to opt for ergonomically designed swimming goggles if you participate in a water sport.

Beach Eye Will Help You Choose The Right Eye Protection!
If selecting the best type of eye gear for your favorite sport is confusing, come visit Beach Eye Medical Group, and our specialists will help you choose the best sports sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays. If you or your teammates happen to sustain an eye injury, it’s important to visit an eye doctor immediately for treatment, or a hospital if that isn’t an option.

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Enjoy the season!