Glaucoma Eye Drop Tips

Glaucoma Eye Drop Tips

April 9, 2015

Prescription eye drops used to treat glaucoma help to control the pressure in the eye. When prescribed by a doctor, eye drops can help to keep eye pressure at a healthy level. Here are a few tips to applying eye drops.

First always remember to:

  • Wash your hands
  • Do not let the dropper touch your eye
  • Follow your doctor’s orders and consult them with any questions or problems.

Steps for applying eye drops:

  1. First tilt your head backwards while either sitting, standing or lying down. Use your finger to gently pull the lower lid down, creating a pocket.
  2. Look up at the ceiling and slowly squeeze one drop into the pocket of your lower lid. Avoid blinking, wiping or touching your eye. Also do not allow the tip of the dropper to touch your eye.
  3. Close your eye for about 2-3 minutes without blinking
  4. Blot around you eyes to remove any excess liquid.

Other Tips:

  • If Your hands are shaking try approaching your eye with the dropper from the side. This allows you to rest your hand on your face which helps to steady your hand.
  • If your have trouble getting the drops into your eye try closing your eye and placing the drop on the inner corner of the eyelid or the spot closest to your nose. Open your eyes slowly to allow the drop to fall into the eye.
  • If you have trouble holding the bottle because it is too small try wrapping it in a paper towel or cloth to help widening the bottle.




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