8 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Eyes

August 27, 2014

Your eyes are very important in many aspects, and losing your vision can be very difficult to adjust too. So how come when people focus on increasing their health, they neglect their eyes! Taking care of your eyes is a necessity, and even small simple changes can help maintain your vision, while small mistakes can ruin it. Keep reading for 8 things that can ruin your eyes.

1. Not Wearing Sunglasses: If you go out somewhere and realize that you’ve forgotten your sunglasses or lost them it’s very important that you go back and get them, or contact your eye doctor to purchase a new pair. Please do not pick up a cheap pair at a drugstore because most lack the proper UV technology to keep your eyes protected and are optically inferior to those provided by your eye doctor. Being outside on a sunny day, especially on a beach, without sunglasses can have devastating effects. Even if you aren’t staring directly at the sun, the rays bounce off of other things such as sand or water and can cause photokeratitis, also known as sun blindness. This is sunburn to your eyes which can result in pain, and temporary vision loss. Also, not protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays can increase your risk of cataracts, ultimately leading to vision loss.

2.Rubbing Your Eyes: When you eyes become irritated, there is a most likely a reason. Rubbing your eyes will only make things worse and increase your chance of infection. Your eyes are designed to heal themselves and get rid of any foreign objects. Try blinking to wash away debris, and if that doesn’t work try eye drops to flush your eyes. If they still feel irritated then contact your eye doctor for professional advice.

3. Partaking in Sports Without Protective Eyewear: Athletic activities can be a ton of fun, but devastating without the proper protection. Many sports have high numbers of eye related injuries, all of which could be prevented with the proper eyewear. While your facial bones help to protect your eyes, small objects such as a tennis ball can hit you directly in the eye.

4. DIY Projects Without Goggles: Everyone loves the thrill of completing a DIY home improvement project, but without the proper eyewear these tasks can result in E.R visits. When hammering or cutting up things you are at high risk for debris penetrating your eyes. Always keep a pair of safety goggles at home for these projects.

5. Exposing Your Contacts to Water: Whether you are swimming, showering or just relaxing in a hot tub, always avoiding wearing your contacts. Water is home to many types of parasites which could lead to infection and possibly vision loss. Also, never clean your contacts with water.

6. Wearing Your Contacts too Long: While it may seem tempting to wear your contacts longer than recommended, this could lead to devastating effects. Contacts don’t allow for the proper amount of oxygen to pass through, and after awhile they begin to form a film around them which will completely block the flow of oxygen to your corneas, breaking them down and allowing your eyes to become more susceptible to germs and infections. Always follow the directions on your contacts.

7. Not Replacing Your Makeup: Eyelashes are home to many germs, causing the spread of them with each swipe of mascara. When you return the brush back into the tube, you are just spreading bacteria and contaminating your makeup. This goes for any type of makeup. Your eyes are very susceptible to infection therefore it’s important to replace your makeup every 3 months to prevent infection.

8. Not Visiting Your Eye Doctor: Whenever you notice any changes to your eyes it’s important to contact your eye doctor right away! Many things can go wrong with your eyes, and vision loss can happen quickly and sometimes be irreversible. Contact your eye doctor immediately.





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