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AcrySof® IQ PanOptix IOL by Alcon is an innovative implant that reduces the need for glasses after cataract surgery. These high-tech implants are sometimes called “trifocal” because they improve your short, medium, and long-range vision, much like trifocal glasses. Moreover, PanOptix IOL implants can help relieve poor night vision, blurry eyesight, and dull colors caused by cataracts1.

Beach Eye Medical Group is considered one of the best cataract centers in the region, where high-end, precision laser cataract surgery and implantation of advanced intraocular lenses are routinely performed. Our experienced team of ophthalmologists have spent years mastering the most innovative procedures and are now offering the new PanOptix IOL.

Like other intraocular lens implants, the PanOptix IOL2 implant is placed in the eye during your cataract surgery to replace the cloudy, natural lens that is removed. Conventional IOL’s can provide clear vision with the use of visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. The good news is that the PanOptix IOL is a state-of-the-art intraocular implant that mimics the same effects as a trifocal lens, improving your vision from 40cm, 60cm, and beyond. It has been implanted in over 400,000 eyes across the world with surveys showing that 99.2% of recipients would have it again.

Recovery Expectations

A detailed set of instructions that help you care for your eyes and accelerate the recovery process is provided. All patients have a follow-up appointment within one day after cataract surgery in our Huntington Beach and Irvine offices. If the procedure was performed only on one eye, you may not notice an improvement in vision until the second eye has been operated on.

It is important to remember that everyone’s eyes are different, so your recovery process may vary depending on other factors. After a couple weeks, most patients can return to normal activities.

Recovery Expectations - Samir A. Shah, MD, MS, FACS

Why Choose Beach Eye Medical Group for Your PanOptix IOL from Alcon in Orange County, California

Dr. Shah and Dr. Jwo are among the most skilled cataract surgeons in California. Dr. Shah has been voted as among “America’s Top Ophthalmologist” several times and most recently has been named to Orange Coast Magazine’s Top Doctors for 2020. His complication rate is among one of the lowest in the country. Also, as board-certified eye surgeons, Drs. Shah and Jwo have both the knowledge and the training to determine the best approach to address each patient’s unique set of conditions. To learn more about cutting-edge cataract surgery with the femtosecond laser and the Panoptix premium intraocular lens, contact Beach Eye Medical Group at our Huntington Beach or Irvine offices to schedule an appointment.

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