Cost of Cataract Surgery


In the United States, most insurance companies cover the majority or all of the costs associated with cataract surgery. When we recommend cataract surgery to our patients, we explain the cost of the surgery and verify how much of it will be covered their insurance policy before booking a surgery date. Patients without commercial health insurance or Medicare will have to pay for their surgery.

Factors That Affect The Price of Cataract Surgery

According to a study done by, the nationwide average for cataract surgery was $3,432 per eye in 2014. For patients who chose to have a premium intraocular lens (IOL)1 placed, the average cost increased to $4,591 per eye due to the higher cost associated with this type of IOL. These numbers represent a nationwide average – the actual cost of cataract surgery can vary quite dramatically based on a number of factors. These include:

  • Type of cataract surgery: The cost of the surgery will vary based on the changes that are made during surgery and the type of technology that is used. For example, laser cataract surgery and custom cataract surgery are more costly than traditional cataract surgery.
  • Location of doctor: As with other types of surgery, the cost of undergoing cataract surgery tends to be higher in major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles or New York, where the cost of living expenses are higher than the national average.
  • Experience of doctor: Surgeons who are highly experienced and sought after for their skill in performing cataract surgery may charge more than a younger, less experienced surgeon.

What Will My Medical Insurance Cover?

If cataract surgery2 is determined to be medically necessary, then your commercial medical insurance or Medicare policy will cover cataract surgery. You do not need to have a separate vision insurance policy, which covers glasses and contact lenses, for the surgery to be covered. Your policy, however, may not cover the entire cost of your surgery. Medical insurance policies do not typically cover all of the costs associated with:

This is because the insurance companies consider these variations to be premium or elective options that are not medically necessary. For many people, a premium IOL will give them complete independence from glasses. Laser cataract surgery can be used to reduce astigmatism3, improve surgical precision 10-fold, and quicken your visual recovery. Because these variations are highly beneficial, many patients choose to cover the additional costs associated with premium IOLs and laser cataract surgery.

Understanding Your Visit & The Cost of Your Cataract Surgery

During your initial consultation, our skilled team will conduct a thorough examination of your eye to confirm that a cataract is present and affecting your vision. Important information will be reviewed with you and you’ll be given some homework to read and review so you can understand your options. At your next visit, you will return for eye measurements that will help us select the IOL to best suit your individual needs. Standard cataract surgery is typically covered by insurance, but if there are any questions, we will then contact your medical insurance company to determine how much of your surgery will be covered and if there will be any out-of-pocket costs.

Cash Pay Cataract Surgery

When a patient’s surgery is not covered by their insurance policy, or they are out-of-network, or if they don’t have insurance, we take the time to explain what costs will be incurred and will offer covered alternatives, if necessary. If you need cataract surgery, rest assured that our team will offer you the best options for your needs and budget.

Our current pricing for cash pay standard cataract surgery is : $3,705 per eye

This includes your initial visit, preoperative testing which includes the Wavefront Refraction (helps select which standard IOL will give you the sharpest vision), the surgery itself, anesthesiology fees, ambulatory surgery center fees, instrumentation, standard intraocular lens (IOL), postoperative care. Ocular medications needed after surgery are not included.

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1 IOL Implants: Lens Replacement After Cataracts. Available:
2 Cataract surgery. Available:
3 Astigmatism. Available:

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