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School Screening blog

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Photo two boys with ballsPatients with children will often ask this question. While school screenings serve a great purpose to pick up potential vision problems with kids, they’re not a substitute for a comprehensive eye health examination. There are many pediatric patients who passed school screenings with undiagnosed visual conditions. There are also have many pediatric patients who fail their school screenings, and still wind up having perfect vision at their eye health examination.

Many parents have vision plans, where their children are covered under their insurance for routine eye examinations. If you have any questions about your insurance you should contact the eyecare physician’s staff. They can look up and verify whether your child is eligible for an eye examination. Vision screenings can easily miss eye conditions such as astigmatism, amblyopia, hyperopia, and strabismus. These screenings usually do not check the health of the eyes for any conditions with the retina, cornea, lens, and iris. The doctors at Beach Eye examine children every day. If you’ve been waiting on making sure that your child has excellent vision, and healthy eyes, please give us a call ! Have a great day!