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Costume Contact Lens Dos And Don’ts

Colored contact lenses can accentuate a great Halloween costume and make it pop. A person’s eyes are usually the first thing we notice about them. Eyes can play a big role when we wear our costumes on Halloween. Costume contact lenses can make you look more convincing as your Halloween character They can also help you match your eye color to the person you’re trying to impersonate. But before you go trying to buy the perfect lenses there’s a couple things you should keep in mind.

Costume Contacts Are Medical Devices
You may think that your contact lenses are just an extension of your Halloween costume, But any type of lens that goes into your eye is a medical device, even if it isn’t there to correct your vision. If you’re purchasing contact lenses it doesn’t matter the reason you still need to have a prescription from your optometrist or ophthalmologist first.

Did you know that selling contact lenses in the United States without requiring prescription is totally illegal, so if someone online is trying to sell contact lenses without acquiring your prescription that should throw up a big red flag. Make sure you try not to find the cheapest pair of lenses because sometimes a little price tag is only possible because the person selling them has cut corners to make them cheaply but not safe for your eyes.

Why Is A Prescription So Important?
Buying from vendors who insist on a prescription isn’t just the right thing to do because it’s the law it’s also because it’s the right thing for the safety and health of your eyes. A contact lens prescription that’s vendors no more information than just the visual correction you need for your eyesight, it also lets them know about the measurements of your eyes so that the contact lenses fit properly since all of our eyes are not the same size.

If you buy contact lenses online without a prescription but it’s like you you will get contact lenses that fit poorly and could cause very grave complications such as trauma, infection, inflammation and other types of damage to the eyelids and cornea. And that’s only if the fit is the only problem. the person selling the lens is also needs to make sure that the contact lenses arrived to use sterile, or ulcers on your cornea and other infections like conjunctivitis become a much greater risk.

Follow The Rules Of Contact Lens Care
Even if the vendors obey the law and sell you custom-fitted lenses that are completely sterile, you could still experience complications if you neglect the rules of contact lens hygiene. Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your costume lenses. Always store them in fresh contact lens solution. Never reuse old solution or use water to clean or store them. Replace your costume lenses as often as the instructions require.

To keep your eyes healthy and moisturized while the lenses are in, particularly if they are scleral lenses (lenses that cover the entire surface of the eye, not just the iris), you’ll want to stay hydrated and use contact-friendly eyedrops. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and follow the instructions on how long to keep the lenses in. Definitely don’t wear them overnight.

Come To Beach Eye Medical
If you don’t have a contact lens prescription yet, schedule an appointment with one of our Doctors.We may even have the colored lenses you’re looking for already. If not, we can certainly recommend trustworthy vendors for you. And make sure to send us photos of your costume! We’re excited to see how it turns out!

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