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Wash Your Hands

Hand washing photoStop rubbing your eyes!

We’ve all done it, whether it’s in the morning or after waking up or even after an exhausting stretch at the computer, but be careful about how often you are rubbing your eyes. Has it become a habit? For many people rubbing their eyes has become an almost an unconscious reflex to relieve minor eye irritation.

What we tend to forget is that over the course of the day, especially while at work, our hands are exposed to all kinds of dust and dirt. Touching and rubbing your eyes with your hands can transfer harmful germs quickly to your eyes. It’s the easiest way allergies and infections are spread.

While the simplest prevention is to stop rubbing your eyes, it’s often a natural reflex that’s hard to control when eyes feel irritation.

With that in mind, a great way to reduce the risk of germs coming in contact with your eyes is to periodically wash your hands. It’s a small thing that can have a big impact on your health.


Written by Dr. Shah

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